Monday, 29 September 2008

KG Pulau Baru Baru - My grandPa Charcoal Manufacturing

Pulau Baru Baru is a big island located somewhere behind pulau chermin island,
It is a island infront of selirong island. Pulau baru baru is belive a island with a shape of a rabbit,
according to surveyors surveying the island. My grandpa own a business there as charcoal manufacturing.
those picture below shows all activity my grandpa did in the island.
Pulau baru baru is also well known for tourism activity, As i known many tourist visit my grand pa workplace.

Charcoal burning doom.

Jetty to the charcoal field & also known as the place where the workers live

the doom where the charcoal is burn inside, workers place
wood also known as bakau these wood are burn for 28 days
and left 10 days to cool down.

Lots of coconut trees which my grandpa planted

root of a very old coconut tree.
Young lamb, herding lamb is one of the activity my grandpa did.

fire/ashes use to lighten up fire to burn woods in the doom
cuting bakau wood

young coconut, straight frm tree. Yumzzz

Mangrove forest

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